The freedom of independence, the peace of mind of the employee.

The world of work is changing fast. And to keep pace with the new forms of professional activity, there’s Upskills, a win-win solution for freelance consultants and the companies that use their services.
What is it ?

Freelance administration is about a consultant working as a freelancer for his or her clients, while being an employee of a third entity : the freelance administration company. As a result, they benefit from regular income and the advantages of a salaried employee, while freeing themselves from administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their assignments.

Who is concerned ?

Portage is the ideal formula for all consultants, intermittent workers, slashers in search of additional income, business contributors, freelancers, company founders…

In short, anyone who wants to enjoy all the advantages of self-employment without the disadvantages.

How does it work ?

In the same way as a self-employed professional, the freelancer takes on and carries out a mandate for a client. The freelance administration company takes care of invoicing and collecting fees from the client company, and pays the consultant a salary, including social security contributions, insurance and vacations.

What are the advantages ?

With freelance administration, the consultant benefits from regular income and the guarantees provided by salaried employment in terms of insurance, provident schemes and vacations.

For companies, this formula means they can call on the skills of professionals without having to hire them.

Income calculator

This simulator will enable you to make an initial estimate of the salary you will receive for a given assignment. These amounts are provided for information purposes only and are not binding on Upskills. For a more precise and complete simulation, we recommend that you contact one of our consultants, who will be happy to provide you with all the information you need, in complete confidentiality.

About you

Vous devez avoir entre 18 et 65 ans

Salary calculation

Invoiced to the client


Administration fee (5%)


Credit (2%)


Employer's pension contribution


Employer's social security contributions


Gross salary


Employee pension contribution


Employee social security contributions


Net salary


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