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Freelance administration is not the only solution for freelance professionals.

More and more companies are taking a serious interest in this new source of skills.

In what situation is it interesting ?

By hiring freelance consultants through us, the company frees itself from all payroll administration. There are many situations in which a company may need the skills of freelance consultants :

For whom?

To handle a one-off need, during a peak in activity or following the acquisition of a new customer, or for specific projects. Si la société a dû se séparer d’une partie de son personnel pour raison économique, mais souhaite tout de même continuer à collaborer avec eux. Dans le cas où l’entreprise désire accompagner certains de ses salariés dans leur propre business. Si l’entreprise se trouve limitée dans le nombre de salariés qu’elle peut accueillir alors qu’elle en a besoin pour soutenir son activité. Lorsqu’une entreprise étrangère qui n’a pas de succursale en Suisse désire engager des consultants basés en Suisse.

How does it work in practice?

A framework agreement is signed between the consultant and the freelance administration company to define the amount of fees that the freelancer wishes to charge, depending on the type of service.
Another contract is established between the freelance administration company and the client company, setting out the framework for the freelance consultant’s work : the nature of the service, the number of hours to be worked, the start and end dates of the assignment, and the hourly rate of pay.
Management fees amount to 5% of invoiced amounts, with no minimum remuneration. They are deducted from the consultant remuneration by the freelance administration company. An optional fee of 2% may apply if you wish to be paid in advance, without waiting for your invoice to be paid.

What are the advantages for the consultant ?

– Maintain full freedom of action while benefiting from social protection. – Be freed from administrative tasks, so you can devote more time to your business. – Be able to count on regular remuneration throughout the year and take advantage of paid vacations. – No longer have to worry about collecting invoices and paying them on time.

What are the advantages for the customer company ?

– No longer have to deal with salary, contract and human resources administration. – Benefit from the skills of a freelance consultant with the legal status of a Swiss employee. – No need to deal with any administrative formalities with the Population Office to obtain work permits. – Be able to acquire skills under another contractual form without increasing the number of employees or having to hire staff on a permanent basis. – Hire a consultant based in Switzerland when the company has no branch in the country.

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