3 million salary slips processed

Together with its sister company, Accès Personnel, Upskills – the platform for supporting people who are in professional transition or are developing their careers – will soon celebrate its 3 millionth processed salary slip. Indeed, Upskills’ ambition is to give everyone the chance to broaden their career prospects through a multitude of solutions. Beyond the traditional business of Accès Personnel – personnel placement – Upskills shapes its offering around 4 types of complementary services, namely: being able to be independent without suffering its constraints and benefiting from a professional structure; finding a mandate in line with one’s professional as much as one’s personal skills; training throughout one’s professional life, and lastly, benefiting from a framework to work and exchange with other professionals. With this milestone reached, we’re proud to look back on the work we have done over the last few years and look forward to the next stage in developing our know-how to help all manner of professionals!