What is freelance administration?

Becoming an employee without giving up your freedom

Portage is a formula that enables independent consultants to become salaried employees without giving up their freedom as self-entrepreneurs.

The freelancer is hired by the company on a fixed-term or open-ended contract, at a salary calculated on the basis of his or her estimated pre-tax sales. In exchange for a management fee, the freelance administration company handles invoicing, reminders and collection of fees on behalf of the employee, as well as payment of social security contributions, insurance and vacation pay.

Just sign a contract with Upskills

For their part, consultants remain in control of their own schedules, manage their customer relations with complete autonomy, and define their own business development strategy. Another advantage of this status is its flexibility and accessibility. There’s no need to set up a legal structure or register with the Registre du Commerce to get started.
A simple contract is signed between the consultant, whatever his/her field of activity, and Upskills. From then on, you become an employee of the umbrella company for a given or unspecified period, and benefit from unemployment insurance, the 2nd pillar and paid vacations.