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Enables entrepreneurs – especially those just starting out – to take it up a notch.

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Crosscutting topics: community, strategy, cash, execution, CSR.

For whom?

Whether you’re a consultant, a freelancer, a slasher, or a business generator, there is no status to start training!


Training courses available to all, Swiss and non-Swiss alike.

What training courses, specifically, are available to me?

Strategy: Learn how to get to know your clients better, develop clear brand positioning and promise, and develop your business vision to generate sustainable revenue growth.
HR: When growing companies, the hardest decisions are about putting the right people in the right jobs. Learn how to identify whether your employees are in the right job, share the company’s values, and if they are contributing to growth as they should be.
Execution: There’s often a gap between strategy and execution that prevents the full realisation of the potential in the levers you’ve identified. Learn how to rigorously and effectively implement the strategy you’ve drawn up to increase your margins.
Cash: Learn how to optimise your cash flow to fuel your growth. It’s the secret to balanced growth in the medium and long term – whereas poor cash management can create bottlenecks that can weaken your organisation.
SER: Learn how to develop your Social and Environmental Responsibility strategy by implementing concrete actions that will speak to all your employees.

What are the benefits?

 A comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of business management.

Customised training modules to suit your current needs.

Complements the entire Upskills ecosystem dedicated to business and employment.


How much does it cost?

Prices on request.

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