What is a skills platform?

Increase your visibility with the Upskills Skills Platform.

Increase your market visibility and find skill requirements that match our own to seize new opportunities.

A platform that showcases your skills and connects you to other consultants.

 Get a skills assessment after creating a profile on the platform.

 Make yourself visible to companies and other Upskills consultants.

 Access an Upskills consultant database to develop your network.

For whom?

For all consultants seeking to develop their business.


Have created an account on the Upskills platform.

How does it work in practice?

Create your profile on the Upskills platform.
Get your skills assessment.
Access the profiles of other consultants through a dashboard.

What are the advantages?

Do a skills assessment by highlighting your experience as well as your personal qualities.

Increase your visibility with companies and other consultants.

Expand your network of consultants in order to seize other business opportunities.


How much does it cost?

Prices on request.

I create my Upskills profile

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